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Interview with Richard Grigg, Boxing Coach. By Keeva Pengelly-Willis

1. What inspired you to start your sport?

“I enjoyed sport from trying them at school and then probably just watching boxing on TV, and the fact that it was an individual sport and the more effort you put in the more you get back and I just fell in love with the gym and have been there ever since.”

2. Was this the only sport you ever focused on?

"I use to do football first and rugby and cricket and loads at school and when I got to about 15 I wanted to take boxing more seriously so I gave up the other sports to take the boxing further"

3. Who is your sporting role model

"I looked up to other coaches and Dick Cursey coached me and I looked up to him and listened to what he told me and I wanted to impress him as a boxer and now as a coach now as well"

4. What have been the hardest challenges you’ve overcome?

"Injury, I had aims to go higher in boxing and got injured at a young age pushed you into coaching alley and really enjoyed that and achieving and enjoying doing it and it all worked well in the end"

5. What is your biggest sporting achievement?

"Probably achieved more as a coach than an athlete at western counties best many championships numerous amounts of fights and then I probably went and gone to achieve more and as a coach I've had lads that have achieved British titles as of become professionals so I've done more as a coach than a sportsman"

6. Do you ever get nervous or scared if you do how do you get over it?

"I use to get nervous but more nervous about losing than anything didn’t want to lose didn’t want people to see me losing and as I got older and the more times I've done it I realised that all the people that were in the croud I didn’t want to lose in front of were actually paying to watch me there was nothing to lose and everything to gain so just changed the way I approached it and looked at it"

7. What advice would you give a young athlete

"Give everything 100% try look back and have no regrets didn’t smoke didn’t drink trained hard and got as far as I could you don’t want to get to my age and look back and think I wish I done that I wish I done that and where could I have got to so give it your 100% and look back and be proud"

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