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Interview with Dylan Burston, National Champion. By Keeva Pengelly-Willis

Updated: Feb 29

1. What inspired you to do your sport?

"Gaining confidence in myself and wanting to learn to fight and learn my families foot sport"

2. Is this the only sport you’ve ever focused on?

"I never really fell in love with anything else maybe because I have two left feet for football and boxing is the sport I love and I always will love it"

3. Who's your sporting role model?

"Quite like the way AJ used to present himself but anyone really, anyone who has a dream and who has achieved it and doing things and making past for other people, I just try to be like them really"

4. What's the hardest challenge you’ve over come?

"Starting a new club in a new environment being out of your comfort zone it was really hard but once you get over that deep end everything's so much easier "

5. What's your biggest sporting achievement?

"Winning the national title"

6. Have you ever been nervous or scared? if you do how do you get over it?

"I use to get really scared and nervous and that but what I use to do to get over it is I use to imagine the worst thing possible if you lose you lose anything after that as long as I come out of the ring healthy and I'm fine I'm mentally alright and that and fit and at the end of the day I still get air in my lungs it doesn’t really matter its amateurs you just got to keep on moving"

7. What's some advice you would give any young athlete?

"Keep going even in the tough moments because that’s when it really matters "

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